Missouri Baptist University

Admissions Deposit

Freshmen students are required to submit a $200 deposit upon admission to the University. The deposit is refundable if requested prior to May 1 of the year proceeding fall enrollment. The deposit is used to secure your placement in the fall class and will be credited toward your initial fall semester charges.

Please enter your information below to match your admissions application. For example, if you applied as Alexander, do not use a nickname like Alex.  You can obtain your MBU Student ID number from your acceptance letter, financial aid offer, or by calling our office at (877) 434-1115.

Please NOTE: A 2.85% fee will be added when paying by Credit or Debit Card for a total of $205.70. There is no fee for payment by ACH.

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MBU Student ID Number:  

For questions, please contact the Admissions Office